Symptoms, Indications, and Signs of Opioid Addiction

According to statistics in this website, the international value of opioids is incredibly high and will continue to grow in the next coming years. Although patients with chronic illnesses can use opioids to manage their pain, there are still some dangers associated to the use of the drugs. Some of the risks associated with the overuse and misuse of opioids include reduction, overdose, or even worse, death. Understanding the dangers of opioid addition is imperative and it is also necessary for one to know about the signs associated with opioid abuse in this page. Anyone who overdoses on these drugs puts their body in danger of other harmful effects. The truth is that once someone learns to tolerate high levels of opioid in their body, it becomes hard to determine when it is to much. Click here to read more about the signs of opioid addition.

The behaviors of an opioid addict start to change and they can be the first indicator. If someone is sneaking out to obtain drugs or lying to get access, it should tell you that they are starting to have a problem. An addict would easily sacrifice their sleep to get their hands on drugs. Similarly, one can seclude themselves to allow more time for drug use.

The misuse of opioids can also result in the negative changes in the body of the user. opioids cause constipation in patients. A person who uses opioids in excess will have flushed skin, a slow heart rate and will sweat intensely. If you notice that the patient has lost a ton of weight without any reasonable explanation, chances are that the drug usage has taken control over their life. Look out for poor hygiene as drug misuse alters one’s ability to take good care of themselves; they will also experience bad motor skills and have wounds all over their body that they cannot account for.

The mental health of a person suffering from opioid addition can also become affected. Drug addition causes mental issues such that your solving problem abilities become altered completely as you lack motivation and interest in most things. Is a loved one acting like they are cut off from their environment? Are they confused most of the time and have poor impulse control? You need to find out if they have been using and misusing opioids if that is the case. Opioid addiction can also result in psycho-social signs such as growing indifferent and becoming resentful towards other people, especially those close to the patient.

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